The FAS Informatics and Scientific Applications group provides data management, analysis, training, and software support for faculty and staff of Harvard FAS.

In addition to individual staff, FAS Informatics is a key partner to the other FAS Core Facilities, providing LIMS support with the MiniLIMS platform along with analysis and other software tools.

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Practical Python on Odyssey - April 7, 2017

Practical Python on Odyssey

Learn the practical use of Python on the FAS Odyssey cluster by working through common challenges of the Python language and Odyssey environment. Topics will include file I/O, shell execution, Slurm job submission, package installation, virtual environments, and parallel execution.

While some basic Python constructs will be covered, the course will be difficult to follow without at least tutorial-level understanding of the language (e.g. An Odyssey cluster account, basic Linux knowledge, and Linux editor skills (vi, nano, etc.) are required.

We will break for an hour 12-1pm.

Practical Python on Odyssey (April 7th, 2017. NWLabs 425 12:00-3:00pm)