Software at FAS Informatics

Formal(ish) software development is represented in FAS Informatics by Software Operations, a group of software developers that work closely with Informatics scientific staff and FAS Research Computing to enable scientists and core staff to take advantage of the massive Cannon research computing infrastructure.

Scientific Software
  • setup and troubleshooting support for informatics applications in the huge Cannon application library, including RaxML, Qiime, and Trinity
  • setup Slurm jobs to run informatics applications, including parallelization assistance
  • adapt third party software for Cannon job submission
Python Expertise
  • ad-hoc and organized Python assistance
  • parallelization assistance (Slurm job submission, multiprocessing module, MPI
  • third party package setup, including source builds against Cannon libraries and Singularity containerization
  • web and database applications
  • code professionalization
Laboratory Data Systems
  • FAS Core facility LIMS support through the MiniLIMS application
  • instrument scheduling and billing through Spinal and iLab