FAS Core Facilities

FAS Informatics provides software and technology support to the FAS Core Facilities, including the Bauer Sequencing Core, Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry, and the Center for Brain Science Neuroimaging

Center for Brain Science Neuroimaging

Center for Brain Science Neuroimaging offers access to a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner for non-invasive human brain imaging as well as an MR simulator, a transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory, a near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) laboratory, and other supplementary equipment. This work is supported by the CBSN application built on the ifxapps platform

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Proteomics Core at Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry

We provide sample submission, tracking and result delivery. We can also provide access to common proteomics analysis tools such as ProteomeDiscoverer, MaxQuant and TPP. We’re also happy to install other software as required. For expert advice on analysis techniques we encourage people to contact Bogdan Budnik, Sunia Trauger or Bill Lane in the Proteomics Core at Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry.

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Bauer Sequencing Core

Our core sequencing service has two Illumina HiSeqs and a MiSeq. The FAS Informatics group is committed to providing a fast basecalling and QC service for all users of the facility. Beyond this we strongly encourage people to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to discuss things further. We aim to work alongside researchers with the intention of spreading knowledge and enabling people to run analyses themselves. As we grow we are building workflows and pipelines to enable more people to be self sufficient in bioinformatics analysis.

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