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Postdoctoral Position
How can I download my sequencing data
RSEM example on Odyssey
Best Practices for De Novo Transcriptome Assembly with Trinity
Cactus on the FASRC Cluster
Short Introduction to bwa
Short Introduction to grep
JBrowse on the FASRC Cluster
MAKER on the FASRC Cluster
ATAC-seq Guidelines
Python on Cannon
Python on Odyssey
h5py on Odyssey
Differential Expression Workshop, Spring 2018
Intermediate R Workshop, Spring 2018
Introduction to R Workshop, Spring 2018
Data Visualization Workshop, Fall 2017
Whole-genome resquencing for population genomics (Fastq to VCF)
ATAC-seq Guidelines (old version)
PICRUSt on Odyssey
Practical Python on Odyssey Slides
Practical Python on Odyssey - April 7, 2017
Informatics Training - October 2016
FASRC & Informatics Open House 2016
Informatics Training - May 2016
RNA-Seq differential expression workshop
Analyzing public ChIP-seq data for orthologs of genes of interest
Metatranscriptome analysis example on Odyssey
Informatics Training - February 2016
Basic Unix Workshop
Differential Expression with DESeq2
Differential Expression with DESeq2 Mouse Immune Cells
Introduction to R Review Workshop
Introduction to R Workshop
Bauer Sequencing Core
FAS Proteomics Core
Genome Repository Status
Helium Liquefaction & Recovery Core
JalView at ISMB 2015
Journal Club 2015-09-11
Small Molecule Mass Spec Core
Kallisto example on Odyssey
Sleuth example on Odyssey
Journal Club 2015-12-04
Trinotate workflow example on Odyssey
Journal Club 2015-11-20
Informatics Training - November 2015
Journal Club 2015-10-23
Intermediate Unix Workshop
Journal Club 2015-10-09
A couple of my fastq.gz files will not decompress, or give errors when I process them. What is wrong?
MiniLIMS Activity
Minilims LIMS Activity
What computing resources are available to FAS and HSPH?
What preprocessing has been performed on my sequence data?
Why do my R1 and R2 reads align discordantly?
Journal Club 2015-09-25
PSMC journal club walkthrough
Adding a new PD_Method_File
Adding a new user email to an existing alert
Helium MiniLIMS - Billing Operations
Iggytools SeqPrep test process
Unix Command Line Tips and Tricks
Adding a new Purchase Order
Adding a new Sequencing Price
Genome and Transcriptome Assembly
Genomic Ranges Workshop
IGV Workshop
Introduction to Bauer Sequencing Core
Library Prep
MiniLIMS - Downloading a table into a spreadsheet
Minilims - Pre-Billing Checks
Next-Gen Sequencing Experimental Design
Sequencing Core - MiniLIMS Billing Operations
Demultiplexing FASTQ files with barcode collision
Scripting Tips for Bioinformatics
De Novo Assembly: Trinity vs. Oases