For those Minilims that accept Purchase Orders these are submitted as uploaded files in Submissions (bauer-minilims,msprl,smallmoleculelims).   The submitter also enters a Purchase Order Number.

  1. For efficient Purchase Order creation it helps to have two browser windows open - one to display the submission and the PO File itself and one to enter the PO data into minilims.
  2. In window 1: Click the PO file link to download it to your local machine.
  3. In window 2: Create a new Purchase Order page from the 'Add Page'->'Billing'->'Purchase Order' menu
  4. In window 2:  Replace the autogenerated PO name with the Purchase Order Number in the Submission.   Also enter this number in the 'Reference Number' field in window 2.
  5. In window 2: Enter the PI name and the Owner Name (same as the PI).
  6. In window 1: Bring up the actual pdf file.
  7. In window 2: Upload the pdf using the Choose File button
    Copy the total amount from the PO pdf to the Total Amount and the Remaining Amount fields.
    Copy the Billing Address and Delivery Address from the pdf to the form.   Don't put commas at the end of the lines as this will add new lines into the address.
    Set the status to ACTIVE.
  8. Press the Save button.